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LEADER is a community led approach to local development delivering EU funding into rural businesses and communities through Ireland’s Rural Development Programme 2014-2020. It promotes social inclusion, poverty reduction and the economic development of rural areas. The LEADER Programme is based on a bottom up approach to rural development whereby rural communities and people identify their own needs and propose solutions. Longford Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) is the Local Action Group (LAG) with ultimate responsibility for overseeing the delivery of the LEADER programme in the County.  Longford Community Resources Clg are the implementing partner for the programme with responsibility for implementing actions in the county on behalf of the Local Action Group (LCDC) and will be the point of contact for any project enquiries and applications. Longford County Council are the financial partner of the LEADER programme.

The total funding available for RDP 2014-2020 in County Longford under the various Themes and Sub-Themes of the Programme to support the sustainable development of County Longford is €7,597,623. The programme places major emphasis on the implementation of innovative approaches to rural development at local level which must be linked to the Local Development Strategy created for County Longford;

The Local Development Strategy for County Longford was developed following a public countywide consultation process, an analysis of relevant socio-economic data and a review of current service provision in the county.  A number of key objectives which focus on economic development, social inclusion and rural environment were agreed.  These objectives reflect the key challenges facing Co Longford and the areas in need of the greatest support.  All funding decisions taken by the LAG are underpinned by the Local Development Strategy objectives and priorities.

In a change from the rolling application process that applied during previous LEADER programmes, under this programme there will be competitive Time Limited/Targeted Calls and Rolling Calls.  The purpose of time limited/targeted calls is to ensure LEADER funding is targeted where it delivers the most value, is awarded based on a comparative assessment and secures equal opportunities for all potential applicants.


  1. Under Theme 1: Economic Development, Enterprise Development & Job Creation the capacities of communities will be built to further enhance the rural economy and create employment opportunities. Support will be provided to develop the rural tourism sector, aiding communities and individuals to make the county more attractive to tourists. This will involve training in the area of marketing and product improvement as well as capital aid. Towns and villages will also be supported to develop street scape, recreational facilities and the re-generation of community facilities. There will also be an emphasis placed on the enterprise development of SME’s in the artisan food, craft and farm diversification sectors and supporting communities and business in the area of broadband and ICT training.

  2. Under Theme 2:  Social Inclusion hard to reach communities, disadvantaged and rurally isolated areas will be supported to increase their access to basic services. This will be carried out through capacity building, training supports and capital grant aid for the development of community and recreational facilities. An increased emphasis will be placed on the personal development of rural youth; improving their pathways to employment and developing youth cafes and clubs.

  3. Under Theme 3: Rural Environment individuals and community groups will be assisted to preserve the rural environment, to protect local waterways, develop local biodiversity and renewable energy initiatives. This will be achieved in the community through the provision of education and awareness raising, the development of local biodiversity plans, promoting the efficient use of energy and developing renewable energy initiatives.






LEADER Objectives and Actions Rolling / Targeted

Longford Local Development Strategy

Presentation used at Information Sessions - Jan 2017





Rural Development Team
Longford Community Resources clg
Longford Community Enterprise Centre
Ballinalee Rd
N39 T9Y1
Phone: 043-3345555
Email: leader1420@lcrl.ie


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