Information on Living in Ireland

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Integration Centre

If you are living in Ireland and have immigrated from another country and seek assistance you can contact the Integration Centre by phoning 01-645-3070 or emailing or logging onto their website at  The Integration Centre is a non-governmental organisation which is committed to the integration and inclusion of people from immigrant backgrounds in Ireland.

East Meets West Women’s Group

In Longford, the East Meets West Group is a women’s group with its main focus being integration. The women in the group are originally from other countries and take pleasure in openly sharing and learning about different cultures, religions and traditions. Women and children from all nationalities including Irish are vey welcome to attend this group. The group meets every second Thursday in the Methodist Church, Battery Road, Longford. There are about 20 women in this group.  They have taken part in many initiatives including the Pride of Place Competition, a religious exchange, a personal development course, learning more about local services and local heritage. If you are interested in joining this group or making new friends please contact Felicia Loughrey at 087-9478650. New members welcome.

Undocumented Workers Scheme

LCRL as part of its work in promoting and supporting initiatives around integration and interculturalism would like to highlight the Undocumented Workers Scheme. This scheme has been introduced by The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) to cater for individuals who are from outside the European Union, who entered Ireland legally and have become undocumented for reasons beyond their control. For most non-EU migrants, legal or ‘documented’ status to live and work in Ireland is tied to the work permit which binds them to a specific employer and job and makes them dependent on staying with a particular employer. Some individuals with work permits have found themselves in unexpected and dire circumstances such as being exploited or suddenly being made redundant. If you know someone who is in this situation, please inform them or refer them to a local information service. For more information please contact or regarding any undocumented issues (Migrant Rights Centre Ireland) or log onto

Work Permits

One of the major issues facing people who have work permits is that they are not allowed to freely change employer. Binding a worker to an employer in this way can be a leading factor in exploitation. To counter this exploitation and to ensure a fair playing field for compliant employers, the Migrant Rights Centre Ireland are campaigning to have the employment permits system changed to give employment permit holders the right to change employer in their job sector. For more information on the work permit system and the Migrant Rights Centre Ireland log onto

Stamp 5

Have you been legally resident (have a stamp in your passport and are registered with GNIB) in the State for more than eight years or have you had a previous "Without Conditions As To Time (WCATT) Stamp 5 in your passport, then there is a possibility that your WCATT can be renewed for a new passport.  For more information click Stamp 5.

Immigrant Council of Ireland - Racist Incident and Referral Service

Have you suffered racism?  If so The Immigrant Council of Ireland is now operating a Racist Incidents Support and Referral Service. The ICI would like to encourage individuals who have experienced or witnessed a racist incident to report it to them. The service provides confidential support and information and referral where necessary. Face to face consultations are by appointment. For further information telephone (01) 6458058 or log onto