Traveller Primary Healthcare Project

The Primary Healthcare Project for Travellers in County Longford began in 2007 following a four year primary healthcare training programme for Travellers. The Project is funded by the Health Service Executive. Through this funding LCRL employs a part-time team composed of:

  • a Project Co-ordinator
  • a Project Worker - who develops health promotion resources
  • a Traveller Men's Worker - whose role is to engage Traveller Men and develop health related projects
  • 7 Community Health Workers - all of whom are members of the Traveller Community

The team is also supported by a Public Health Nurse for Travellers, assigned by the HSE.

The overall aim of the Primary Healthcare Project is to improve the health and life expectancy of Travellers living in County Longford. The project provides basic primary healthcare information to Travellers via home visits and health promotion in community groups, delivering training and workshops on issues such as: first aid, cancer prevention, mental health and suicide prevention, antenatal care, child safety and healthy heart etc. At the same time, the project promotes access by Travellers to appropriate healthcare services and helps develop service providers' understanding of Traveller issues.

The work of the Project is overseen by an Advisory Group which is made up of representatives of the HSE and Longford Community Resources clg. This group meets every six weeks and their purpose is to direct, advise and support the development, implementation and evaluation of the Primary Healthcare Project.

Project overview:
For an overview of our activities, please see our

Primary Health Care Project brochure.

For further information contact:
Anthony Owens (Project Co-ordinator) at or phone 087-9478135.

Traveller Men's Programme:

For an overview of these activities, please see our Traveller Men's Programme brochure or contact Anthony Owens (Traveller Men's Worker) at or 087-9478135.

The Primary Health Care Project for Travellers operates from 51a Main Street, Longford (behind Crossan's) and is open every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

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